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McCormick’s Creek Spring 5k

Happy 5K season SnapBackers! Our first ever MommaSnapsBack running group formed today. Ok, so, Emily and Cheri ran, what I did could not really qualify as running, but I DID FINISH! That’s important!!! 😀

I told these ladies (very dramatically, because I just AM dramatic) to RUN  AHEAD and to not let me hold them back. haha. I’m proud of them! They both had great run times.

There was a point during the race where I got lapped by at least a 1 mile gain, by a 9 year old from my daughters class!!! LOL 🙂 So, I SPRINTED to gain ground. That sprint lasted .19 mi. lol. Hey, I didn’t give up. I heard the ELDERLY people behind me (who were registered as “WALKERS” might I add) discussing whether they had already passed me several times and wondering how I kept getting ahead of them. haha. Its because of my sprint/walk approach. Impressed??? You should be! 🙂

When I looked behind me at one point and realized that there was NO ONE in sight as far as I could see (aside from the kind souls at the water station), I decided to just enjoy myself. haha. I started snapping nature photos and scouting for morel mushrooms along the roadside…all while walking/jogging as fast as I could. I mean, I still wanted to finish this 5K in under 1 hour. I was pretty sure that you only get a piece of  fruit and water at the end if your finish time was SOMEWHAT respectable. lol. According to my fitbit, my runtime was 49 min 12 seconds. But I still had to run up a hill and across a parking lot to reach the race moderators, so, I think my official time was 53 minutes and 30some odd seconds.

I went on to have my name drawn for a doorprize, because i’m just chock full of good luck! I got a spiffy BRIGHT orange cinch sac with a sponsored company’s name across it.

I had a blast and will keep doing races and keep reaching for better times and longer periods of running vs walking.

(We did the McCormick’s Creek Spring 5K, through beautiful McCormick’s Creek State Park.)

Here are some Apple iPhone 7 quality photos from the fun today!

McCormick’s Creek 5k


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