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Build-A-Bear and CHILL

So, Build-A-Bear is like, this magical DIY toy store that children of today are blessed with. We didn’t have BAB when I was a kid, not that I would’ve ever been allowed to step foot into their store because we were poor as beans and I was a total spazz who would’ve undoubtedly knocked over a display of teddy bear roller skates while practicing my cartwheels in the store trying to get “discovered” by a talent scout…anywho. Some kids get to go, and that’s a total blast for them. (Hip-Hip-Hooray!)

Today, this magical toy store decided to offer a super cool special. They called it “Pay Your Age Day.” This special meant that, for however many years old you are (up to age 30), you can build a bear for that many dollars. $$$ Example, Say you have four kids, ages 1, 2, 7 and 10, they could all build a bear and it would cost $20 total for all four. (1+2+7+10=20). Normally, the bears are in the neighborhood of $25 each, without accessories (in my experience)

Because this was SUCH an amazing special, it caused a complete FRENZY at the Build-A-Bear stores and malls nationwide. Now, being the savvy discount shopper that I am, I saw this coming a long way off. I told my kids that we would meander into the mall shortly after opening and if the lines were acceptable, then I would let them build a bear. So, my kids were not at all shocked when we arrived and saw the line wrapped halfway across the mall, encompassing Auntie Anne’s pretzels, and disgruntled crowds being wrangled by College Malls finest team of security guards. We just shrugged our shoulders, grabbed a pretzel and watched the chaos for a little bit. I was told that the wait time was around 11 hours, and it was possible that the store would run out of animals to stuff. If they ran out, you would be given a voucher to return at a later day, kind of like a “rain check.”

So, over the course of the day, plans changed and the “bear poop” or, scat, if you will, hit the fan, so to speak. Stores had to close off their lines NATIONWIDE due to security issues. How the WHAT WHAT?? Build-A-Bear sent me several cool headed emails over the course of the day letting me know how the plans were unfolding. This was a much bigger dealio than they had bargained for, I think. I’m thinking like, “It’s cool, Build-A-Bear. You tried to hand out an amazing deal and it got out of hand. You tried, and we still love you. No problemo buddy.” Then I get on social media and see all the crazy people blowing their stacks over some discount teddy bear drama. I understand, you waited in line with your kid for several hours and then DIDN’T get a bear, but rather a $15 voucher. You’re mad. But what did you expect? The employees were very upfront about the truth of it all. Scientifically, the bear stuffing machine can only stuff 1 at a time and there are roughly 1.4 thousand toddlers ahead of you in line. Tough break. That’s why I didn’t get in the line. How about keeping your temper in check and setting a good example for all the little kids staring at you while you whine and complain about how the teddy bear store isn’t meeting your expectations of speedily providing you with a $3 stuffed Bulbasaur or whatever. CHILL…

We all still love Build-A-Bear. They tried to show us a good time and we thanked them by being whiny buttholes about it. (shaking head)

If you are a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club member, you can log into your account by midnight July 15 and take a screenshot of the redemption voucher. Also, another option is to make sure your kids and their birthdays are registered on your account because BAB is offering a new program called “Count Your Candles,” where children under age 14 can come in on their birthday month and build the special birthday bear for their age in $. (example- 2 yrs old= $2 birthday bear)

Congratulations to those triumphant folks who were able to build a bear, drama free today. We were not so lucky, and THAT’S OK! You’re still invited to my birthday party, Build-A-Bear. We’re still friends.

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