“Is she too old to trick-or-treat?”

I’ve been wondering to myself lately, at what age does the childhood wonder taper off so dramatically that your child becomes a teenager, or even worse…adult?

My oldest daughter, SuperSnap, is 10 years old this year. I’m already wondering, at what point will she tell me she’s too old to trick-or-treat? The sadness of this looming moment is overwhelming to my mommy heart. Our family takes great joy in holidays and in getting completely wrapped up in the festivities, fun and excitement.

For Halloween we always have an elaborate family costume theme, we have done so since before the kids were born, in fact. Somewhere in my mind I realize that this might not always be the case. They might want to do their own thing at some point, or nothing at all, heaven forbid!

She has already opted out of the kiddie level Easter egg hunts, and when doing things like exchanging valentines, or picking up candy at a parade, I can see a twinge of embarrassment in her face. She is starting to sense that she is too old for these things, and I so do NOT want it to be true!

I want to see her grow, change and develop at the pace God intended, but letting go is SO HARD! …If I stop and think about it though, it would be just as undesired to have a daughter who is 18, 19, 20 years old and still enjoys trick-or-treating the same way a five-year-old enjoy trick-or-treating. The thrill in ringing doorbells to receive a piece of candy has to wear off at some point or it becomes off-putting. Lol

I know that she has to grow. I welcome it. But it doesn’t make letting go of that darling little girl with golden curls and a pumpkin bucket any easier.

Not to mention, where am I going to get all my Reese’s cups when she retires?

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