I’m Real, I’m funny, but I’m not real funny…oh wait. Yes I am.
Bloomington IN based blogger. Born and raised. I’m what they call a “townie.” I’m married, but thanks for asking. My husband, Micah, is in the Air Force and ruggedly handsome. We daily build up our girl tribe of 4 daughters, overall successfully, all things considered.
I’ve lived a hilariously inspired life and I LOVE to talk about it. I’ve been a Real Estate agent since I was 8 years old (more on THAT later. Haha). I’m in to just about everything: Real Estate, cooking really good food, Disney, crafting, parenting, vacations, financial freedom, exercise, health, falling off the wagon and chasing it… pretty much everything that you’re into, likely.
I get by daily with a little wine, a LOT of Jesus, secret Oreos and about 96oz of Iced Tea. (Truth)