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Pandora World of Avatar: at WDW Animal Kingdom

We LOVE Animal Kingdom! We always have. This park is so chill and laid-back. I didn’t think I could love Animal Kingdom any MORE, until I experienced the Avatar section of the park. Wow! I’m blown away. It is literally like you walked right into the movie.

(Photo of Avatar land at WDW Animal Kingdom: Photo courtesy of Disney photo pass services. This photo was in my photo upload package after I purchased the memory maker through Disney.)

First off, if you haven’t been to Animal Kingdom in a while, when you first walk in the park you will walk up to where you can see the tree of life. Turn left and almost make a U-turn and follow it back to the Avatar section. See the map where I’ve crudely drawn a red line for where to walk. Haha

The first thing we encountered in Avatar land was a very animated photo pass worker. Lol. He was very engaging with the kids and got some of our family members to smile and actually take a good photo.

When you approach Avatar land you can turn left to go into the queue for Na’vi River journey or turn right to head towards Avatar Flight of Passage.

We went to Na’vi River journey first. My oldest daughter is an aspiring robotic engineer and she was very excited about some of the robotics on the river journey ride. The video that I have from this ride was all taken by my 13-year-old daughter, so enjoy 🙂 

Wow! It was such a beautiful ride. After this, we went over to try to ride Avatar Flight of Passage (FOP). It’s worth noting that FOP has a minimum height requirement of 44”. One tiny member of our family was only 41” so we had to do a rider swap. 

(Photo of my 41” tall little munchkin. We went over to ride Na’vi River Journey for a second time while waiting for the rest of our group)

If you are unfamiliar with the rider swap service, I will explain that really quickly.  This service was designed to allow each adult member of your party the chance to ride without having to miss out because of a small child being too short. The way you use this service is simple. You approach the queue, and let the cast member know that you have a member in your party that does not meet the height requirement. They will scan your park pass or magic band and once the rest of your party has come off the ride, you can walk up into the lightning lane with one member of your party and ride the attraction with no wait. It’s great! 

There were a lot of really cool things to see while waiting to board this ride, too.

(This photo was courtesy of Disney Photo Pass services and was included with my memory maker package)

The Flight of Passage ride was very exciting! It feels like you’re actually flying through Pandora. 

Due to the nature of the ride, we have no photo or video to share. There’s really no way to take photos or videos of this experience, but you truly HAVE to see it!

After we got off of the flight of passage ride, we got some snacks and drinks at Pongu Pongu, next to the Windtraders shop.

We tried the Pongu Lumpia ($3.79), which was a pineapple and cream cheese fried lumpia. To be honest, no one in our party really liked this snack at all. 

We all LOVED the Night Blossom ($5.99), which was a non-alcoholic frozen layered drink topped with passion fruit bursting boba pearls. This drink looks like something you would truly find in Pandora ❤️

I also ordered the Mo’ara Margarita ($14.00), which was tasty, but all in all I probably would’ve rather ordered the Rum Blossom ($14.00), which is just an alcoholic version of the Night Blossom.

Mo’ara Margarita from Pongu Pongu

I wish we had more time to stay and hang around Pandora after dark. Many parts of the walkway and landscape are infused with bioluminescent features that light up in the dark. If you get a chance to see this area after sunset, I hear it’s really amazing! Definitely something I’ll need to experience on the next Disney trip.

Safe travels! Make good choices! ❤️