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A Reader in Bloom

SuperSnap has come such a long way in her reading. I have a hard time relating because I LOVED to read and tested out of HIGH SCHOOL in reading when I was a first grader. 😳 (no one knows how I even learned, it was a TOTAL mystery) 🤷‍♀️

So, when my brilliant and beautiful daughter proclaimed that she didn’t enjoy reading, I scraped and scrapped every possible avenue to help her enjoy reading. I tried everything. Reading reward charts, incentives, silly stories, reading to dogs…The only thing I couldn’t properly manufacture at home was REAL peer competition, an obvious struggle for a rural homeschooling family. This kid thrives on competition.

So, I went against everything I thought I was in the core of my being, and enrolled her in a private Christian school. She went into 2nd grade with a 1.6 reading level (which was normal) and now, in 5th grade, she is reading at 11.2 (which is 11th grade, 2nd month). And her percentile placement brought actual tears to my eyes.

I know this accomplishment has her name written across the top, and she did the work, but the paper it’s written on may as well be made up of my own sweat, tears and energy. As a mother, your accomplishments are generally credited to someone else. Your accomplishments are helping your loved ones succeed. I’m fine with that, but I look at these scores and I KNOW that I have started to see real return on my investment in this girls education. 🙏🤩💰📚

And what’s best of all, she now reads for FUN! …(and a choir of angels simultaneously sings out a “Haaaallelujah!” )