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Neighbor Best Friends Forever

As my daughter approaches the “tween” stage, I have noticed that every glimmer of childlike play has become precious and savored.

Every time she plays outside with the neighbor kids could be the last time she is ever interested in doing so.

Now, I promise you, I did not squander the moments of her childhood away, but there must have been moments where the mundane act of riding her bike or throwing a ball with a neighbor boy lost lustre in my eyes. Her childhood flew by so. Darn. Fast!

My oldest child has taught and is still teaching me so much in my motherhood journey. She helps me be prepared for experiencing these moments again and again with my younger children.

Tonight though, The neighbor boy who grew up as a built-in cul-de-sac friend, Who shared birthday parties and popsicles, baseball and dolls, Pokémon and fairies, the boy who is moving away this Fall, he came over to ask if she wanted to play. Possibly for the last time. The thought grips my tear ducts and pulls hard at my heartstrings. I wasn’t sure what she would say. I was afraid she would choose to stay in for the night and play minecraft. She considered the idea and said “ok, sure.” And I am grateful.

Things are changing. The neighborhood is changing. Kids are growing up and going off on new adventures. I will always miss these times and treasure them among my dearest memories.