Is Facebook a Tap or a Drain?

Our daily goals are achieved by how many taps or drains we allow access to our brainspace. Let me explain.

We have all had that feeling before. We wake up, get the kids to school, get a cup of coffee, make a list of all the productive things we will do today… then we check our Facebook real quick. Suddenly, you are inexplicably involved in a fight between your sister-in-law’s, signed up to bring cookies to the class party tomorrow, ordered a new pair of shoes that will tie together our entire wardrobe (laugh!) and making a new recipe for chicken Parmesan tonight for which we have no ingredients and will require an additional trip to the grocery store.

What the freak just happened!?

We look at the clock and almost 2 hours have passed!

Back to that list we made earlier, OH WAIT! That little red notification just popped up. Oh, it’s just an invite that my make up selling, beauty bombshell friend has gone live with a makeup tutorial. Hmm… I have been wanting to learn how to do that ‘smoky eye’ look for that party next week at my husband’s work. Click. Click…click. Scroll. Click…

Another 40 minutes has passed.

It’s time to get the 3 year old to her check up and you haven’t achieved anything so far except for filling a few sippy cups and passively flipping a load of laundry during that makeup tutorial.

Then you feel drained. Unproductive. Like a #MomFail.

Ladies! 👏👏👏

Wake up! Social media can be fun. I spend WAY too much time on FB and IG, so I get it. We get sucked in SO EASILY!

Peel your precious eyeballs off the screen and direct them back to things that matter. Jesus. Your kids. Your husband. Your career. Your goals.

Sure, you get to help out at your kids class tomorrow. Sure, do you know have a great new recipe for dinner tonight, even if it does require a additional errand that you had not planned to run today. Sure, you learned how to do your eyeshadow a little bit better. But, sit back and evaluate whether social media has been a drain or a tap to you today. Were you showered you with information and personal fulfillment? Or did it ultimately leave you feeling like a failure.

Eliminate the drains and turn on those TAPS! 🙌