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Self Confidence is Key

I recently realized one of my “fatal character flaws” and it actually helps me understand myself better.

This is a photo of me, hubby, my 2 oldest kids, aunt, uncle and a couple of cousins about 6 years ago while we were vacationing in the San Francisco area. Look at me, on the left, wearing the red “Indiana” hoodie. Do you see me? Look closely at my posture and body language.

I ALWAYS do this in group photos. I recently started to wonder “why” and mentally walk through it.

When a group photo begins to form, a few questions go through my mind:

1. Am I supposed to BE in the photo? As in, do the other people want me in THEIR photo? Am I a part of this group ACTUALLY, or am I ruining their photo by standing here.

2. How do I look physically? Am I sucking in my gut? Is my hair frizzing up? What do I do with my hands??

3. Am I smiling weird?

Before I know it, I have ruined my self confidence for the photo AT ALL. I notice that I shrink, crouch or lean oddly, as if I DO NOT believe that I am important enough to NOT be cropped out of the photo margins. 🤦‍♀️ I mean, I am ACTUALLY afraid to occupy my God given space, the size of my own body, within the parameters of the photo.

What even is THAT?!?! Ladies! When did our self confidence shrink to this level? We should stand PROUDLY and assume that we are wanted and worthy of being a part of the group photo. The fact that THIS thought process even occurs is just sad.

We want to look back on our photographic memories and be proudly reminded of the fun moments, not see a tragic reminder of how low self esteem can be seen above all else, written on our faces.