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Albanese Candy Factory

We recently visited the Albanese Confectionery in Merrillville IN. 🍭🏭


1910 W 81st Ave
Merrillville, IN 46410
United States

It was my own fault for imagining it would be like taking a magical tour of Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory, but I was surprised by how chill and low key the place was.

I should say, the ATMOSPHERE was chill and low key, NOT my experience… We made this one of our “stretch your legs” pitstops about 3 hours in to our 6 Hour Rd. trip that day. So the kids were feeling WILD and restless, and I handed them each $10 and let them buy whatever they wanted 😳

That was the point that I lost complete control of the group. Kids running around all over the store grabbing handfuls of candy, continually asking “is this under $10, if I get this how many more dollars will I have??” And so on…

It got real crazy real fast!! Then SUDDENLY everyone had to pee. I should note, their bathrooms were outside of the store in a trailer. Which I was not expecting. Naturally, this is the point when everyone should pee before getting back on the road, but they were less than stoked to pee in a trailer. Oh well though

Everyone found great deals and lots of candy options. One kid found a MASSIVE bag of “oops” gummies for $8. I was excited about the sugar free options for my diet plan 🤩

They used to have a factory tour, and while they don’t still offer the tour, you can see part of the factory through the glass wall inside the shop. Still pretty neat.

If you’re ever driving through Indiana to Michigan, I recommend Albanese for a fun little stop.