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Homemade Laundry Detergent

Mmmmmm… (deep breath in) Smell that freshly grated Fels Naptha. Nothing else like it! The sensory experience with the added financial savings ($$$), there’s no reason NOT to make your own laundry detergent.

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I used to spend around $30/month on laundry detergent. A family from church sent us a military appreciation care package with a sample of their homemade detergent and the recipe. I wasn’t so sure of using a powder detergent over my usual goopy blue liqiud detergent, but hey, it was free so I tried it out. LOVED IT! When we ran out, the kids and I used the simple recipe and made a full batch, then when we ran out a full YEAR later, we were hooked and continued making more. No going back now! We have seen the better side of laundry 🙂 At only about $33 I was able to make a 1 year supply, so it was an easy decision! (Note, Kids can actually make this themselves if you teach them how. My kids have been assisting me with this task for years now!)

I like my laundry to SMELL really really good, so I add scent booster. Also, most recipes online do not call for OxyClean. I like to add this because of the stain fighting power and my family is a bunch of stain creating, sloppy eating, beautifully wild hooligans. So, it works well for us. I do believe the recipe would work fine without it too. My sis in law makes her own detergent and leaves the OxyClean and scent booster out and she is happy with her results.

All of these supplies can be found at your local farm supply store and/or WalMart. In case you have a hard time finding the Fels Naptha (I did at first) I will attach an affiliate link below.
Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Box Borax (4 lb 12oz)
1 Box Super Washing Soda (3 lb 7 oz)
1 Box Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (4 lb)
1 Container OxyClean (3 lb)
2 Bottles Scent Booster (I use Purex Crystals, 55 oz.)
2 Bars Fels Naptha
1 Large Bucket with Lid (I use a 5 Gal Bucket)
1 Grating Tool. (I use a fine cheese shredder)

Here’s what you do:
-Grate both bars of Fels Naptha into the bucket.
-Add the borax, super washing soda, baking soda, OxyClean, and scent booster.
-Mix up all indredients.

Now its ready to go! I use 2 Tbsp of detergent per large load of laundry. I keep a small container with lid in my laundry room and then store the 5 gal bucket elsewhere, and just refill my small laundry room dish as needed. Definitely keep the lid tightly fastened when not in use. I think the borax can be harmful to pets and children. Be safe.

Share this recipe with all your thrifty friends. No reason any of us need to spend a small fortune just to have clean laundry!
Make Good Choices!!!