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Kick Soda to the Curb in 3 steps

This is a “mind over matter” situation. No hypnotherapy or freaky deeky voodoo. Plain and simple willpower and making good choices every single time. When my husband and I were dating, we would sit around and dream up our future life and what it would look like. His sister, Kim, had 3 kids and they all preferred to drink WATER when given drink choices!!! This confused us, but we admired them. The more we thought about it, the more we wanted our future kids to drink water instead of soda. We decided that we needed it to be a part of our family culture that we are just a household who does NOT drink soda. So, these 2 young soda addicts began to make good choices for their future kids. (aww) It actually wasn’t very hard at all. I’m 100% positive that you can get the sugary sodas out of your life if you choose. Here’s how.

1. You PURPOSE YOUR MIND and MAKE A PROMISE to yourself. Huge power here. The thing with this is that no one can see the promises you make to yourself. Its a personal matter. Unless you have an accountability partner, then no one will know if you secretly run down to Circle K and grab a big frosty soda at 11 PM. But you know who will know?? YOU WILL. And every time that you break a promise to yourself, you lose a tiny bit of self respect. It chips away piece by piece until you have become a person with no self confidence. So, MAKE A PROMISE and keep it!

2. REPLACE the soda with something else in your diet. I guess that the most obvious reason is that most of your daily fluid intake was likely coming from soda and humans need fluid to live. lol. Less obvious, is that you need a replacement to fill the void that removing soda has left in your life. Seems dramatic, but its true. Soda was your old faithful friend. It boosted your spirits and comforted you more than you know. You need a replacement. Replace soda with water if you can. If you need baby steps to reach your goals, then consider stepping down one notch at a time and picking a healthier soda to ease off. I recommend Zevia or La Croix. Zevia is soda sweetened with Stevia. It will possibly take some getting used to, because as much as we want it to, stevia and sugar taste nothing alike. La Croix is sparkling water with a hint of flavor. My fave is lime. I’ve tried them all and this is the superior flavor. I will post a couple affiliate links at the bottom if you need to research these options.

3. Good old fashioned WILL POWER! You’ve made a promise to YOU and you value YOU so now you are not going to let YOU down. GOT IT! The power is in the follow through here, people! Who will look out for your best interests if you wont do it yourself? You’ve got to dig down deep. You’ve made healthy swaps and now your shelves are clear of all soda (right?) and temptation is removed (right, right?). Now all you have to do is stick with it!

In time, you’ll look back on your formerly soda addicted self and say how much better you feel (while sipping your frosted sparkling water). You can do this! Make Good Choices!!!


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  • Emily

    I used water with lemons πŸ‹ to stop pop! I don’t crave it now at all! Great post! Giving up pop is a good step in the right direction to get healthier!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€