Launch Party!!!

Hey SnapBackers!

So, we officially launched the MommaSnapsBack blog last Friday and it was totally fun! We met up at Olive Garden and just had a fun girls night out. Breadsticks, Salad, Bellini Tea… all the best for my friends 😉 I made all the ladies in attendance go and subscribe to my blog and made them basically pinky swear to support me by liking, sharing and commenting on all my posts. lol.

Then I passed out personalized “” merchandise as a thanks for their support.

(Look at those little winners!)

I brought my 9 year old, SugarSnap along to be my helper. (She also took a  live video, look for it on our FB page, )

I’m very grateful to all the love and support. You ladies are the bomb. Thanks for coming to my party.

Hope you all love the blog. Lots of comedy, inspiration, relatability, deals and opportunities to come!