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    I Miss My Brother

    I miss my brother. When we were kids, he wanted to prank me on April Fools day. I think he saw some “clever ideas” during a commercial break on Nickelodeon. We don’t know exactly how it happened, but somewhere he got the idea to put bread on the toilet seat. He said he had something to show me, so I came into the bathroom and saw maybe 6-7 slices of bread lined on the toilet seat. I stood there for a second, confused. I looked at him with his thick glasses and huge smile beaming at me. He was SO proud of his joke. I looked back at the bread,…

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    Campbell’s Highland Grille

    GUID EFTERNUIN! (or Good Afternoon, if you please) I have been watching Outlander lately. A LOT of Outlander. An obsessive-not-totally-healthy-need-a-support-group amount of Outlander. *That’s a real thing* Anywho, I found myself temporarily detained in Greenwood IN, while my eldest bairn (She’s 11) attends an all day music training. I meandered out to find a restaurant that “speaks to me” and when I saw the words “Campbell’s Highland Grille” I could NOT whip my car into a parking spot fast enough! The atmosphere feels like a hybrid between a charming Scottish pub and an American sports bar. The decor is very Scottish but with a buzz of sports on all the…

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    Chicky Chicky Parm Parm

    Guys! I’m a genius now. (Call Mensa!) I wanted chicken Parmesan last week, but couldn’t find a good recipe that would be either low-carb, keto, or THM/S… so I started thinking 🤔 And Eureka! I realized that I could make a totally solid chicken Parmesan breading out of pork rinds, almond meal, Italian seasoning, and of course, Parmesan! So, here’s what you need to do! Supply list: Food Processor Meat Hammer 3 oz Pork Rinds 1/4 cup Almond meal 1 cup Parmesan Cheese Italian Seasoning Salt and pepper (to your preference) 2 eggs 1.5-2 lbs Chicken Breast (thinly sliced) Coconut oil for frying Here’s what you need to do: Put…

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    MommaSnaps- Tzaziki Sauce

    This recipe is well loved in our home! When i sit that big bowl of Tzaziki sauce out on the table my whole family starts cheering. Maybe the cheers are in my head, but they ARE at least very excited. haha Can be modified to fat free by omitting the olive oil if making as a THM E setting. I generally use half of a 32 oz container, but feel free to double this recipe is making for a crowd. recipe also works well as a veggie dip

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    Brown Bag November Challenge

    For the last few years I have been on a journey toward minimalism. Probably not the “over-the-top-only-own-one-chair-and-a-lamp” type, but I want to keep my earthly possessions to a minimum for sure. I always say “all this stuff could burn up in a fire tomorrow and we would carry on with our lives and be fine.” So, last November I started thinking about how much unnecessary stuff we had accumulated over the year and how Christmas was coming and we were going to get more stuff than we could imagine. 🎄I could feel the walls closing in on me. I don’t want to deprive my children of having nice Christmas memories…

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    Neighbor Best Friends Forever

    As my daughter approaches the “tween” stage, I have noticed that every glimmer of childlike play has become precious and savored. Every time she plays outside with the neighbor kids could be the last time she is ever interested in doing so. Now, I promise you, I did not squander the moments of her childhood away, but there must have been moments where the mundane act of riding her bike or throwing a ball with a neighbor boy lost lustre in my eyes. Her childhood flew by so. Darn. Fast! My oldest child has taught and is still teaching me so much in my motherhood journey. She helps me be…

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    Is Facebook a Tap or a Drain?

    Our daily goals are achieved by how many taps or drains we allow access to our brainspace. Let me explain. We have all had that feeling before. We wake up, get the kids to school, get a cup of coffee, make a list of all the productive things we will do today… then we check our Facebook real quick. Suddenly, you are inexplicably involved in a fight between your sister-in-law’s, signed up to bring cookies to the class party tomorrow, ordered a new pair of shoes that will tie together our entire wardrobe (laugh!) and making a new recipe for chicken Parmesan tonight for which we have no ingredients and…